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HOT..... a simple acronym that can describe Bill Moss Jr.’s music. While some have reduced their gifts to pure entertainment, compromising their own personal style and convictions for the sake of ratings,  Bill Moss Jr. is determined to deliver a message that stays HOT…. Honest, Open & Transparent. A very private man, careful to protect his personal space, Bill often opens up in his music and unveils parts of himself that are not so easily exposed. Born and raised into what has been called a musical dynasty, Bill has not been exempt from life’s struggles and disappointments. This Detroit native, born the 7th child of eight to the late Bill Moss, Sr. and Missionary Essie Moss of Bill Moss & The Celestials, will tell anyone that his success did not just come overnight. Honing his craft under his aunt, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, did not exclude Bill from innumerable hours of practicing scales and progressions. Bill still recalls the feeling of performing in front of an audience and falling flat on his back years ago, an experience he believes every musician will have, whether real or imagined. Bill shares that story to encourage others, emphasizing that when you fall on your back, you can look up, which means you can still get up and try again.

Bill has always had a gift for connecting with people, which is evident in his songwriting. With lyrics that have the power to transcend all barriers, Bill states, “I really do this so that people can be impacted. To make an impact on somebody, to encourage somebody….If I can’t do that, then I don’t want to do it.”

Bill is far from being a novice in the recording industry. Bill and his younger brother James, known as J Moss, began recording together as The Moss Brothers when Bill was just a young teen. The Moss Brothers recorded together until the time Bill began to pursue his college education, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Marygrove College.


As the Worship Pastor at Third New Hope, where Dr. E.L. Branch is the Senior Pastor, Bill has the opportunity to impact and encourage people every week, using his gift of music. Bill is very serious about excellence in music and has a way of bringing out the best in everyone around him. Bill's recent live recording in Detroit with the Third New Hope Sanctuary Choir features original songs written by Bill Moss, Jr., along with other songs arranged by Bill.


Bill’s first solo project, “Manifested Favor, was released nationally in 2008 and debuted at #27 on Billboard Charts. Bill has recorded professionally with top artists such as Hezekiah Walker, Kelly Price, Karen Clark-Sheard, The Clark Sisters, and Byron Cage. Bill has also collaborated with great names such as Walter Hawkins, Dorothy Norwood, Rev. Timothy Wright, and T.J. Hemphill. 

In 2016, Bill was appointed to serve as the State Music President for the Baptist, Missionary & Educational (BM&E) Convention of the State of Michigan. Bill is very humbled to serve in this position and is truly in awe of how God continues to assemble an amazing support team as he embarks on this new endeavor.




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1. Celebrate Our King

2. You're the Only One

3. Our Home

4. What Makes You Great

5. Lord Have Mercy

6. I'm Changed (Intro)

7. I'm Changed

8. Change My Heart

9. Love Lifted Me (ft. Pastor E.L. Branch)

10. Higher Than All

11. Great I Am

12. Your Will (ft. J Moss, Demetrius "Krayon" Nabors & Mike Harrington

13. I Rise



1. Piano Intro/ Yoke of Bondage

2. Power of Praise

3. Manifested Favor

4. Awesome

5. The Greatest One

6. You Deal With Me

7. Rebuild the Walls

8. The Struggle (Reprise)

9. Giving It Back

10. By Your Spirit (Prelude)

11. By Your Spirit

12. The Struggle

13. Hymn Medley

14. I'm Determined

15. Almost Over

16. Made Me Glad

17. Bonus Track - Prayer of Jabez



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